Our Service

We pride ourselves on our service. Below is an outline of what you can expect as one of our customers.

Initial Discussion

We’ll meet you to discuss your project, either at our offices or at your site. We’ll get a detailed understanding of what you want and point out any issues we can see initially.


We’ll start to create a detailed plan of your project. We’ll ask additional questions relating to choices you will need to make and give rough estimates of their financial impact.

Final Plan, Budget and Timeline

Once the plans are finalised, we can create a detailed budget for every area of the job. We will also produce a timeline showing task scheduling and incorporating a payment schedule. On reviewing the budget at this stage we are still able to make changes to your choices.

The Build

During the build you will be kept up to date of progress and any obstacles that arise. You will receive regular photo updates if you are not able to meet on site. You will receive bills in a timely matter and the timeline and budget remainder will be kept up to date. We will spot and solve minor issues with the builders as they arise, and quality check work as it is completed.


Upon completion we will check that everything has been done correctly. We will invite you to also check with us and go through any problem areas. Any necessary repairs will be carried out before the project is officially signed off. Final billing will be sent through for payment.

Architecture & Design

Our architectural designers can help you make better decisions about your project. We make sure light switches are in the best places, doors open the right way and heating systems produce sufficient heat, to name but a few.


Full flat renovations are our specialty: Leveling floors, ceilings and walls; renewing electical, water and heating systems; surface finishes; windows and doors; fitting out bathrooms and kitchens – we do it all.